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Other stories of culture, technology and society

An editorial project curated by Sineglossa to give space to stories that intertwine knowledge

Why Mangrovia

Mangrovia is the first digital platform for cultural dissemination produced by an editorial team of humans and artificial intelligence. Why Mangrove? Mangroves are a habitat, a forest and a widespread network of some 80 different species with a common characteristic: to make oxygen-poor soils fertile by making biodiversity flourish at the border between land and sea.

What do we do

We collect and tell stories where culture, technology and society intersect. Just as mangrove species connect the knowledge of sea and land to create more fertile soils, the stories in this magazine connect scientific disciplines and humanistic knowledge, artistic visions and technological resources, to generate futures for all.

On “other” stories

It is at the border, contact zone, that change is generated. Therefore, we look for stories that come from the “periphery,” be it the province or the Global South, or from subjectivities considered marginal, such as women, young people, disabled people, invisible or underrepresented categories in the media, especially if creators of innovations in science and technology.

Against hierarchical knowledge

We want to offer a new space for knowledge and information that overcomes the division between technical and humanistic culture. Because we believe that there are no first- and second-class disciplines, but knowledge of equal value that intertwines to revolutionise the way we know the world.

For a dissemination of research

We know that other histories of culture, technology and society often remain confined within the spaces and lexicon of academic knowledge. That is why we are committed to facilitating their circulation by making them accessible to the non-specialist public.

With those who seek another future

We are on the side of those who want to change the world without being afraid to explore other possible scenarios. On the side of those who work in culture and are tired of seeing humanities and art associated with dusty stereotypes and sad passions, and technology with fears and exaggerated enthusiasms. On the side of those who have a public commitment and want to do things differently. On the side of those who are not satisfied, but always start with themselves first.

Curated by Sineglossa

Mangrovia originated from Sineglossa, a cultural organisation that applies contemporary art processes to the challenges of our time. Sineglossa researches and develops new transdisciplinary approaches capable of confronting complexity and promoting sustainable development models. In the Backstage section, the Sineglossa team tells the behind-the-scenes story of Mangrovia: where the project originated, how artificial intelligence enters a publishing business, and what challenges and opportunities the encounter between journalism and contemporary art opens up.


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