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The first editorial group of humans and artificial intelligence that explains how and why it uses artificial intelligence

Use of artificial intelligence

A trend scouting programme based on artificial intelligence algorithms is part of the editorial team of Mangrovia. Asimov, developed by ASC27, makes it possible to monitor events of interest around the world in real time, facilitates access to other stories, offers complete control over sources and their security, and reduces the time spent searching for news in order to optimise the time spent on writing and in-depth analysis.

Editorial standard

Mangrovia retains full ownership and authority over its editorial content and strategy. The topics covered are not affected by the funding that enables the economic sustenance of the project. Mangrovia is a nonprofit publishing project, so in the future, we may consider the tool of donations to support coverage of specific topics in line with our mission while maintaining full editorial control of the stories and projects told. Mangrovia’s editorial management retains all rights over decisions to redistribute our content on social media platforms or through other media organizations.


Mangrovia is responsible for the published content and any errors contained therein. We will make corrections as soon as we become aware of the error. To report errors and corrections, please send an e-mail to


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